Biz 101 North

Publish newsletters to build brand loyalty

The best source of new business is your existing customers. What are you doing to communicate regularly with current customers? You need to remind customers what you can do for them, what products or services you have that can benefit them.

A quarterly newsletter can reach out to clients and refresh your relationship by giving them tips, knowledge and how-to information. Show them what makes you good at what you do. If appropriate, we can profile your best customers. They will love the attention.

Our quarterly web-published newsletter costs only $295. Arrange in advance to publish four newsletters spread over a year and save $200 (price reduced to $245 per quarter.)

Inform, entertain, engage. Provide practical tips that clients look forward to receiving. Introduce new products or services. Profile your best customers to reinforce your relationship. Build powerful brand loyalty. Create value in your relationships with current customers. Keep them coming back to your company instead of drifting off to competitors who may beat you only on price. People will pay a little more if you give them a lot more.

Your $295 quarterly newsletter:
  • Professional writing, 10 years of experience publishing about hundreds of businesses
  • Engaging, accurate, fun-to-read, informative
  • Beautiful photography to attract readers to your story
  • Attractive web page design packaged on the Trillion Publishing server or your own web site
  • All you do is email your customers and send them a link to your web-published newsletter
  • No postage, instant publishing, no print costs for paper newsletters
  • We interview you for less than half an hour for each newsletter, take photos as needed and write your newsletter in professional journalism style
  • Don't have a customer database? We can help you set that up, too.