Biz 101 North

Lead with vision

You can lead your company with clear vision. You can manage even through these rough times to make a profit. Let Trillion show you how.

We can help you lead your company more effectively by refining your vision, honing your skills and setting achievable goals. Your employees will appreciate your newfound clarity and become more productive.

We purchased a struggling small publishing company and made it profitable the first year. Over eight years we rebuilt the company to multiply its business valuation by fifty.

Principal James Dunn served as general manager for a large corporation and guided a self-managed team. In conjunction with the business department of Sonoma State University, he facilitated a seminar on leadership. Other projects included seminars on business ethics and a business think tank.

If you want to reduce the top-down hierarchy of your company, we can show you how to cultivate a team of people who tend to lead themselves through self-motivation. Most companies can benefit from employees who show greater initiative and responsibility for the company's profitability.

Manage in difficult times

With companies that are struggling, we can provide turnaround guidance to help you bring back profitability. We’ll analyze cost structures, marketing, customer tracking and other variables that significantly affect your company’s viability. James Dunn holds a master’s degree in organization development, is the author of "Surviving Failure," a study of business owners and the hard lessons they learned, and the author of "Your Business Can Survive a Local Recession." He can help you find your own management style that fits your industry and company, and he can help your small company survive this recession.

"Surviving Failure," free to Trillion Publishing clients, provides information from bankruptcy attorneys and a bank loan officer, and deals with unsecured loans, payroll taxes, financial reports, cash flow and business structure.