Biz 101 North Jobs for Women: Our purpose and mission

Explore job opportunities through stories of women

You may be a young woman in college or already graduated, or you may have worked for years in one career and would like to explore a new one. Whatever stage you have reached in the job market, Biz 101 North Jobs for Women takes you on an adventure inside jobs and careers you dream about. Hear from smart women in their own words about thrills, risks and challenges they face every day. Find out how their jobs can be fun . . . or not.

Julia and her dad

Want to be a lawyer, architect, teacher, doctor, fashion model, singer or graphic artist? Want to start your own small business as an entrepreneur? Want to act in movies or direct them yourself? Biz 101 North Jobs for Women takes you inside these jobs and dozens of others. These stories ring with the words of women doing all kinds of work. They tell you what you can expect, what benefits they have found in their jobs and pitfalls to avoid. They show you where opportunities await and where they went wrong.

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—James Dunn
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