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→Toddler Climbs Everest

→Trolls Raise Bridge too High

→I-scream Session Could Double-Dip

→Bike Racer Floyd Landis Admits Vampire Past

→Lucy Fossil Had iStone 3.4 Million Years Ago

→Great-grandma Twitterbug Dies at 104

→Stocks Flash Crash Tied to Black Hole

→United States Buys Greece

→Obama Borrows $1 Quadrillion

→Boy with Slingshot Nabs Osama bin Laden

→Obama Sends Billy Crystal to Afghanistan

→Russian Women Tennis Pros Spy for KGB

→John Isner Confesses 3-D Tennis Hoax

→Junetag Recalls 1.7 Million Dishwasher-grills

→Greek Frogs Chase Paul McCartney Green

→Deer Tote Ladders to Reach Fruit

→Operation Big Zucchini Begins in Iraq

→Tiger Woods Divorce: $6 Sextillion

→JetBlue Pilot Curses Passenger Then Ejects

→Chelsea: Buy Ponzi Wedding Cake

→Neil Armstrong Finds Coca Cola on Moon

→Mel Gibson Hunts Moose with Sarah Palin

→Yard-long burgers stretch food budgets

→Postal Service Hikes Stamps to $6.99

→Congress Boosts Retirement Age to 90

→Forbes Kicks Golf Sand in Trump's Face

→Tony Hayward Enjoys Dodgy Yacht

→Schwarzenegger: California Needs Spanx

→Dinosaur farts hastened global warming

→Obama Bites British Pockets for U.S. Bailout

→GM Suburban's New Option: Flamethrower

→Calvin Klein's Male Scent Draws Big Cats

→Tipper Gore Sings with Tiny Tim's Son

→Kevin Costner Blockbuster: Oilytoiletworld

→BP Hires Tom Cruise for 'Top Kill' Mudding

→Sarah Palin, Tina Fey Launch Teas Party

→Oil Execs Forced to Dog-paddle in Gunk

→College Kid Buys Boston Beer Co.

"Dunn got the settlement number wrong. It wasn't $1 sextillion. OK, it was all about sex."

—Tiger Woods

"You think watching me on television is not spying? We're all guilty of spying on others. So watch out!"

—Maria Sharapova

"Sure, Dunn is getting older, but not the least damn bit wiser. I can drink him under the table . . . more carrot juice, please!"

—Jack LaLanne

"James Dunn has enough tragic comedy to work as a Shakespearean fool."

—King Lear

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