About Biz 101 North

James Dunn
James Dunn, founder, editor and consultant for Biz 101 North

James Dunn served as editor of a regional business magazine for 12 years. Before that, he worked as correspondent and copy editor for a New York Times regional daily newspaper, and for a weekly paper. Dunn, who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, has written about hundreds of companies of every kind for regional and national publications, online and in print. Dunn's previous company, Brainpower LLC, sponsored think-tank seminars on business leadership and business ethics. He served as a member of the Private Industry Council, which provides funding for job training. As host of a series of talk shows co-sponsored by the magazine, he conducted live interviews of top business executives and entrepreneurs in front of local audiences. He served as editor of a youth services newsletter published in Colorado.

Prior to his career in business journalism, Dunn worked for the California State Bar Court and the Board of Legal Specialization. He worked as volunteer mediator and mediation trainer for Community Boards in San Francisco, and served as a volunteer in the Big Brothers program, and as a board member of the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts (formerly Luther Burbank Center).

He holds a bachelor's degree in writing, philosophy, psychology and mathematics, and a master's degree in organization development. Dunn went back to college to learn enough HTML and CSS to publish on the web. He applied for and was granted a poetic license, then earned a degree of humor worth more than all the education and training.