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Women can win the election and run the country. Girls can grow up to sit on the Supreme Court or become scientists and defeat cancer. It takes confidence, smarts and work. This is your day. Seize it. Fill your heart with hope and ambition. Create yourself anew, starting now.

It doesn't matter if every job you've ever held until now was unsatisfying. Doesn't matter if you spent a decade out of the work force raising children. Today is a fresh new starting place. Biz 101 North Jobs for Women can help you launch. Biz 101 jobs profiles can help you dream, help you envision your most productive self. Build your new future with kindness, love and energy. Thanks for joining us!

You may have an exciting career or several careers in front of you. You may be a young woman in college or already graduated, or you may have worked for years in one career and would like to explore a new one. Whatever stage you have reached in the job market, Biz 101 North takes you on an adventure inside jobs and careers you dream about. Hear from smart girls and women in their own words about thrills, risks and challenges they face every day. Find out how jobs can be fun . . . or not.

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—James Dunn

Julia with Zorana BosnicThank you for the story: very poetic language regarding the work that inspires me and very truthful on the challenges along the way. I hope I don't discourage the girls who are considering architecture but help them dive in with an open mind. It was nice meeting you and Julia. I wish her the best of luck with her choices—she is lucky to have your help and guidance in this way.
—Zorana, architect, VP at HOK, San Francisco (Click to see her story)

Naomi Ginsberg
"I can't believe how speedily you consolidated so much information into a lovely article. Fantastic all around. It was a pleasure to talk with you!" —Naomi, physicist, chemistry professor, UC Berkeley
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Payal Bhandari
"Great article. It was fun chatting with you. I will spread the word about others checking out the article and the website." —Payal, family doctor, San Francisco
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Biz 101 North

Wendy Simone
"I hope one day to meet Julia. She's a very lucky lady to be raised by you. I suspect she's dazzling. May I put a link to your article on my site? Sheesh, you made me sound so interesting, I think I would like me to do
my hair :)" —Wendy, hairdresser, Sebastopol
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Alison Martin

"The job stories are fantastic and very appropriate for recession times. Local high school girls should be reading this stuff. There's so much good advice coming from these women. When I was at high school there were no role models for women in careers." —Alison, writer, Scotland

Stephanie Moulton
"I've just read the article on Julia's Jobs. Nice story—thank you! You are a terrific writer and a good photographer, too! I like the photo! I appreciate being included in such an interesting group of women who have all found their places in our world! Best wishes." —Stephanie, mayor, Mill Valley
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Biz 101 North

Sarah McKay
"Hi, I saw the story yesterday on the website. I was telling Rob about the interview and he was curious about what the webpage was and what it was about. He spotted my story. It was fun to see it up. I liked the story very much and the pictures are great. Thank you for coming in, and for your interest in my work. I enjoyed our time together. Let me know anytime if Julia becomes interested in trying climbing again—or if you would like to climb again! Thank you again. Cheers!"
—Sarah, manager, climbing gym
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Tara Cash
"The article is perfect. Don't change a word! During our time together, I felt like the most important, fascinating woman who has ever walked the face of the earth! I came away with a newfound respect for myself and a clarity for where I am headed. Thank you for the gift you have given me. I wish you all the best."
—Tara, girls' birthday party entertainer, Sonoma County
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Karlene Gullone
"Thanks so much for the positive portrayal. This is quite a special gift for my mother and me, increasing our web presence as we work on launching our firm and winning more commissions. Thanks also to Julia; I do like how she cropped the photo! The article is very well-written. Best wishes to you and your daughter as you launch Julia’s Jobs."
—Karlene, architect, Berkeley
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Victoria Wagner
"Thanks so much for writing the piece so thoughtfully. While talking with you I had the splendid notion that I actually was carving out an existence that may be inspiring to some young woman. That felt really nice. Thank you for including me."
—Victoria, art instructor, San Francisco
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